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Giant-fringe holography ? nondiffractive holograms? single-fringe holograms? scratch holograms? sandpaper holograms? abrasion holograms? scratch …

But there was something extremely weird going on here (I mean even more weird than hood scratches causing images!) These scratches have random spacing. They seemed to be functioning as holograms without the benefit of optical interference. This is impossible of course, since holography is completely based upon interference effects. However, the "Rainbow" hologram technique invented by Benton at MIT allows a hologram to function regardless of illumination frequency. The optical bench for the classic single-stage "Rainbow" holography setup includes a horizontal slit which produces relatively large horizontal swatches of fine-line interference patterns on the film (figure A above.) The recorded interference pattern encodes the depth information as variations in orientation of the fringes across the stripe. In Benton's Rainbow Holograms, only the fringe orientation is important. The fringe spacing (wavelength) is not. Once I was clued in by the existence of the car-hood holograms, I realized that I could interpret Benton's white-light technique as allowing holograms to function regardless of *fringe spacing.* Frequency-independence leads to size-independence of fringes, figure B above. Nobody seems to realize that a Rainbow Hologram will still function even when the spacing of its fringes was made random. Or even if it were to be made immensely large.

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Addendum: A correlation between sweat on the skin and odiferous intensity has been observed. Doctor ██████ triggered SCP-1029's effect with an unusually sweaty finger shortly after an episode of strenuous exercise in the gym; the smell was later described as "overpowering". This suggests a phenomenon in which sweat (or some component thereof) is being converted to specific odour molecules. Investigation into this process is ongoing.

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But the video certainly seems to show progressively worse scratches as the pick hardness increases – which would be logical if indeed the pick is scratching the glass. So if what we’re seeing is a soft material being transferred onto the glass, shouldn’t the effect become less noticeable as the picks become harder? Pasansky explained:

Many phenomena have been reported at Medjugorje, such as the sun spinning, dancing in the sky, turning colours, or being surrounded by objects such as hearts or crosses. Many have been able to look at the sun during those times without any damage to their eyes. The tall cement cross erected on Mount Križevac (which means "Cross Mountain") has reportedly disappeared and reappeared or else glowed as if lit with lights, although there is no electricity on the mountain. [16] Not everyone reports seeing the same miracles at the same time. Numerous supposedly miraculous healings have also been documented. [17]

Another display of the norovirus’s tenacity came with a study of a New Zealand plane in which an infected passenger threw up on the floor of the economy section. A flight attendant cleaned up the mess, and over the next week, the plane continued to fly without any cases of vomiting. Nevertheless, the norovirus managed to infect new hosts. Out of 63 flight attendants who worked in the plane over the next six days, 29 got sick–an attack rate of %.

Assuming that Iritani’s team gets an intact nucleus, they would still have to insert it inside an elephant egg. Collecting such an egg means navigating a reproductive tract that spans three metres from the uterus to the outside world. “It’s extremely challenging,” says Thomas Hildebrandt from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, who knows the reproductive tract of elephants like the length of his arm.

Phenomyna - ScratchPhenomyna - ScratchPhenomyna - ScratchPhenomyna - Scratch